Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I got a call today from a lithuanian friend. He told me that he is stuck at the Airport.

He bought a ticket from Tromsø to Oslo and a separate ticket from Oslo to Palanga. Due to bad weather conditions in Tromsø, Norwegian Air Shuttle, transported their passengers to Bardufoss by land (about 160 kilometres from Tromsø) Finally, when they got to Oslo Airport, his plane has already left. 

A lot of passengers, including my friend, buy separate tickets because of some reasons like cheaper fare or as my friend said, he bought 2 separate tickets because he does not know whether he is starting his travel in Tromsø or Oslo. Most people buy separate tickets because they save some money this way. This can be expensive when there are flight irregularities due to weather conditions, technical problems, etc. The airline has no responsibility to take the passenger to the next destination. 

If you are travelling with the same carrier, they might book you on the next available flight out of COURTESY. If you are travelling on another carrier,  do not expect to be helped by the staff from the first carrier. In case the next available flight is on the next day, you will not be offered any compensation at all,  any hotel for the night. You will have to pay for the hotel yourself or suffer sleeping on the uncomfortable chairs at the airport. The second carrier may charge you of rebooking fee or worse, makes you buy a new ticket. 

One other thing that passengers should be aware of is that not all airline tag the bags to the final destination if you have 2 separate record locator for your flight.

I would recommend that if you really have to buy 2 separate tickets because of the difference in price: 

- Make sure that your transit time is really really long. I would suggest more than 4 hours. 
- Travel light. 
- Check in on all flights. Most carriers offer online check-in. This way, you can go from one gate to another swiftly.

If you can avoid 2 separate tickets, please do, for your sake. As for my friend, he is borrowing the guest room until Thursday. 

Monday, April 14, 2014


Last night, when I was working at the arrival services, there were quite a few missing bags. The first passenger who came to my counter told me that he is hoping that his bag would be coming the next day because his computer was in the bag. The next one was so upset because he had his house keys in his checked luggage. 

I am not saying that lost or delayed luggage is common in the airline industry. It happens. There are a number of reasons why these happens but these are not the things I would like to stress in this post. I would like to remind everyone what not to put in your checked luggage. 

- Computer. Most of us are dependent on our computer. In a way, it is one of our biggest investments. We keep our photos, passwords (if you have a keychain app), doc files etc in it. It can also be damaged under transport. 

- Keys. It is common sense. You need your car keys when you land and house keys when you get home. 

- Documents. Please do not send your baggage with your passport in it. I do not know how many times I have sent a bag with a passport in it and asked the bags to be retrieved. Any sensitive documents should not be in your checked bag. 

- Jewelry, expensive items or items you cannot afford to lose. 

- Medicines. At least have medicines in your hand luggage good for a week. 

Reminder: please do not blame the person at the lost luggage counter when you  have sent the above items in your baggage. After all, they did not pack your bags.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014


The whole family was invited for coffee at a friend´s house. We of course agreed thinking that it would be nice to be a little social on a Sunday afternoon. He said that it is a simple celebration of his birthday. He called so late that I was not able to buy any gift because all the stores close at 1800 on Saturdays. 

When we got there today, he told us that since there is just the 5 of us ( the birthday boy, Arne, his wife, my filipino friend, Annabel, my husband, my daughter T and me), might as well eat dinner at Dynasty China Restaurant. It has been a long time since I have been there. I was so surprised that the menu is not several pages anymore. Thank goodness for that! Otherwise, I will never know what to order. 

The place was quite empty then after about 10 minutes, the restaurant was full. The food did not take a long time to be served so I assume that everything is prepared before hand. I don´t know whether this is a good thing. I ordered Scampi Szechuan. It was actually spicy. I thought that it would be somewhat spicy. I was satisfied with my food and I even tasted the food that the rest ordered. I was not specially impressed over the beef curry but the sweet and sour chicken is well made. 

All in all, dining at Dynasty China Restaurant is recommended if you like Asian Food and you are in the vicinity. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Two days ago, while I was picking up the garbage bag, I heard some sounds and felt something on my back. Before I know it, I could hardly stand upright. I could walk but could not walk erectly. Every time I try stretch my back, I almost cry in pain. 

My 12 year old, wanted to do something for the family so she said that she would make breakfast, lunch and dinner. She baked bread in the morning. I admit that it was a little bit too hard. It probably needed more time to rise. I cannot bake so I do not know what went wrong, actually. For dinner, she made calzone for me and my husband. It was really good! I was impressed.

Taty´s Calzone
She even made a pizza for her sister. Everyone´s belly was satisfied and I spared my back from pain. 

I feel like a hundred years old with this back. Let´s hope I get my real age back soon. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014


With a heavy heart, I left Moscow. I have posted again and again how much I love the city, its people, and the food. I hope to come back again. The days that I have been here was more than I have expected. 

We checked out from Aquamarine Hotel. If we were to come back, it is very likely that I would choose this hotel again. While we were waiting for Dmitry to get us, I ate pelmeni one more time and my husband ordered  caviar. 

Dmitry came and I asked him where I could buy black bread because I would like to take home some. We passed by a local grocery on the way to the airport. (He even paid for it! Bless your heart Dmitry!) I bought only 1 and regret it afterwards because they don´t sell them at the airport. 

Dmitry told us to look down when we take off because the airport looks like a bird. We said our goodbyes. The fare from the hotel to the airport was 1800RUB. 

The flight was 40 minutes delayed. The good thing is that we got a message and Aeroflot called us to inform us about it. Check-in went smooth. Even the security check went okey. I am so thankful that Sheremetyevo Airport have body scanners instead of having a pat downs.  Honestly, I am so tired of having a pat down at our airport here in Oslo. 

Since we were not able to get even a shot of vodka, we bought 2 bottles of crystal vodka (recommended by Dmitry) and Russian bubbly. I bought some last minute gifts too but be aware that some of the gift shops are cash only basis and they only accept russian rubles, euros and US dollars. There are smoking lounges at the airport but note that your clothes will smell like an ashtray when you get out of the lounge. There are also a number of restaurants to choose from. The gate numbering is a little bit strange, though. The restrooms are very clean.  All in all, the airport caters international travellers with ease. 

When I looked down from the plane, I saw another wonderful building below me that looked like a bird flying. 
Sheremetyevo Airport
Again, I had a wonderful time in Moscow. To see all my posts on my moscow visit, please click here ------> MOSCOW, RUSSIA

23 March 2014, Moscow